Social and Informal Learning

Much of the learning we do is social

Advice from an experienced leader, or watching a colleague demonstrate best practice can have a significant impact on an individual and their ability to perform better.

According to McCall’s 70:20:10 learning model, as much as 90% of learning is through social and experiential interventions. That figure is often debated, but it seems clear that significant value can be gained by providing point-of-need access to experts and sharing experiences for the benefits of others.

Social learning

WBL Solutions has a wealth of experience supporting informal and social learning approaches to create a flourishing knowledge network. We support clients from initial strategy design through to providing the tools and interventions required to fully embed social learning.

Staff adoption is critical to the success of any social learning initiative – people need to understand the value of social learning and feel comfortable sharing their insights. We’ll work with you to develop learning engagement campaigns to promote this understanding.