Learning Matters

We believe learning matters to every organisation. The skills, motivation and knowledge of your employees are the keys to exceptional results.

When our learning enables our clients to de-ice their planes to fly them safely across the Atlantic during winter, learning matters to the lives of the passengers and crew. When a global organisation beats its market forecast, WBL Solutions Ltd’s sales development programmes make a crucial difference to company performance. And when medical professionals learn to have better conversations with fragile patients in times of crisis, the positive effect is often profound.

That’s why we put learning at the heart of business strategy.

Transforming learning

Driving learning transformation starts with understanding people. They are the foundation of business success – their achievements become your results.

The smooth running of a business, its ability to meet complex challenges, respond to change and deliver exceptional performance is dependent on the performance of its individuals. And high performance requires the right culture, knowledge and skills.

Building a business case for changeicon_caseforchange_1

Implementing learning transformation requires senior support and investment.
We will work with you to understand your people’s ability to deliver what your business needs, and create a tailored learning strategy on the basis of what we find. This is strongly focused on ROI – by demonstrating the business returns that could be created by investing in learning, we can help you build a compelling investment case.

At every step in the process we shall partner you and ensure you inspire your business leaders and maximise learning investment.

Blended learning design and technology

Effective learning is not a one-off event – it works best when it’s an integral part of an organisation’s thinking.

Embedding culture change, improving performance or implementing business strategy requires a carefully planned series of interventions. These need to be tailored to the needs of every individual.

WBL Solutions Ltd brings a pioneering approach to blended learning. We design programmes that use the most appropriate channels in order to maximise impact.

The breadth of specialist knowledge we have available represents a skill set unrivalled anywhere in the industry. It allows us to design and implement high-quality solutions using the right mix of media, products, or services.

Implementing a learning strategyicon_strategy_1

Successful implementation of a learning strategy requires a long-term, holistic point of view.

WBL Solutions Ltd will place your strategy and your people at the centre of our thinking. We have the expertise and capacity to support you throughout your learning journey, no matter what you require.

You may need a rapid product update to gain competitive advantage, or benefit from a comprehensive global change programme. It may be a better experience for your customers or improvements to key manufacturing processes.

Whatever the requirement – wherever you’re trying to get to – WBL Solutions Ltd has the tools, capability and experience to deliver world-class results.

demonstrating_successDemonstrating success

The best way to build a learning culture over time is by demonstrating its ongoing success.

Results gathering and measurement are built into all of our programmes. This means you know very quickly how your learning has ‘landed’, which behaviours it may have changed and, crucially, how it has helped you achieve your business objectives.

Being able to report transformational results and return on investment will help prove the business case for a learning culture.