Games and Simulations

WBL Solutions designs exceptional business games and simulations

WBL Solutions has always delivered immersive, engaging, visually appealing and entertaining games and simulations. Everything from simple board games to play in team meetings to full virtual reality worlds to explore, we have harnessed this powerful learning medium to drive learning impact.

The key to the success of our ‘Games with Purpose’ is to balance playability, entertainment, and education. The game must be engaging first, but by making failure fun we can drive meaningful learning outcomes and embed the behaviour changes required.

Gaming is not just for Millenials. The largest growth in gaming adoption is in the 50+ years category and we believe gaming can often be the best approach to tackling certain situations. Games can foster motivation, healthy competition and allow for exploration, all of which can lead to greater engagement and better learning results.

BAFTA award-winning games

If gaming is part of the blend, WBL Solutions can work with our sister company Preloaded to develop a cutting-edge game solution. They are a BAFTA award-winning games design studio and bring immense value to our solutions in this space.