Capability Building

Upskilling your Learning & Development team to drive your learning strategy

WBL Solutions has a wealth of experience built over our 30 year history and employs many of the best people in the industry. We are ideally placed to support you to realise your vision of becoming a credible business partner by upskilling your Learning & Development function.

Designing a learning programme

After completing a training needs analysis with your team, we will create a bespoke programme of support that will drive success. This typically will start with a practical and comprehensive session on learning design, providing a solid and common foundation to build upon.

Building practical capabilities

We can support you with the practical skills needed to create great learning. Everything from writing an e-learning script, to using your authoring tool and even art directing your courses.

WBL Solutions Ltd’s moving image experts can also work with you to develop your video and animation capabilities to ensure these time-rich assets deliver maximum impact.

Evaluating success

Understanding how to measure the success of a learning initiative is a fundamental skill for any WBL Solutions team.

WBL Solutions will show you multiple techniques for measuring success, and help you identify what you should be looking for in your results. This includes collecting data and using learning analytics to feed back into future iterations of your programme.