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  • In the current climate, talent attraction and on-boarding processes are crucial for businesses
    Losing disengaged staff costs British businesses £56bn every year, making staff engagement a pressing concern for business leaders
    In a fast-moving world of persistent uncertainty, change and prioritised efficiency, traditional leadership must evolve
    It is often difficult for big organisations to keep pace with rapid change – their processes are set, and their people are used to working in certain ways.
    While businesses place great importance on remaining compliant, individuals often regard compliance training as a box-ticking exercise which takes up valuable time.
    The way consumers expect to buy products and services has changed – many organisations are struggling to adapt
    Large-scale change programmes always create an engagement and learning requirement, and WBL Solutions Ltd’s experts are here to help you implement your change effectively.
    As a leader in social learning, WBL Solutions has both the tools and expertise to create a flourishing internal network to enable your people to share their knowledge and insights around the world.
    The huge increase in the number of devices in the world offers truly transformational benefits to business.
  • Engaging, innovative bespoke e-learning has always been an area we have excelled in. In our 30 year history, we have created over 10,000 hours of content on every topic imaginable, leading to over 80 awards to date.
    WBL Solutions has always seen the value of using mobile devices to deliver learning to people at the point of need.
    Everything from simple board games to play in team meetings to full virtual reality worlds to explore, we have harnessed this powerful learning medium to drive learning impact.
    See our show-reel for inspiration and to learning more about our capabilities in animation, drama video, talking head interviews, 2.5d animation, infographics and much more.
    WBL Solutions is platform agnostic and has built deep expertise in many of the leading platforms from open source to enterprise LMS and talent solutions.
    For over 30 years WBL Solutions has built unrivalled experience in delivering transformational learning results.
    Our in-depth experience of classroom training and learning technologies makes us the ideal partner to design blended programmes.
    Our off-the-shelf courses can help organisations stretch their budget further with guaranteed quality materials from approved experts.
    Advice from an experienced leader, or watching a colleague demonstrate best practice can have a significant impact on an individual and their ability to perform better.
    WBL Solutions will build a comms campaign in tandem with the development of your course to drive initial awareness and learner engagement.
    We can support you with the practical skills needed to create great learning. Everything from writing an e-learning script, to using your authoring tool and even art directing your courses.
  • In today’s volatile automotive market, delivering a consistent, measurable, high quality customer experience globally is now key to success. Product differentiation is slim and brand loyalty no longer a given.
    WBL Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of learning transformation with over 25 years of experience in the Defence sector
    There’s a strong commitment within the financial services sector to regain confidence and trust in today’s post-financial crisis period
    The multi-channel revolution has been transformational for the logistics and transportation industry
    A key challenge for the media sector has been repairing its reputation following several serious scandals in recent years
    Low levels of exploration and a 15% increase in production costs have both been significant challenges faced by the oil and gas sector in the last few years
    Today’s pharmaceuticals businesses deal with many competing pressures, not least the drive to improve ethical business standards
    Professional services firms account for 14% of UK employment, making them crucial to the success of the UK economy
    The public sector is currently undergoing major reform which has led to profound changes
    Retail is changing: from the way people shop and the evolution of digital, to the globalisation of supply chains and even the way people are employed.

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  • Talent Attraction & Onboarding
    72% of UK firms say that a shortage of talent is the key business challenge they face today, and over a quarter of these do not have a plan to combat this.
  • Customer Engagement
    A customer will often know more about a particular product than you do, having spent time extensively researching online and consulting user forums.
  • Mobile Learning
    WBL Solutions has always seen the value of using mobile devices to deliver learning to people at the point of need.
  • Learning Platforms
    It’s clear there are many businesses that need help to identify and implement the right technology. WBL Solutions believes that using best-fit technologies to underpin your learning is crucial for long-term performance improvement.
  • Social & Informal Learning
    Advice from an experienced leader, or watching a colleague demonstrate best practice can have a significant impact on an individual and their ability to perform better.
  • Change & Trasformation
    It’s an integral part of modern business, and in today’s fast-moving world, it’s important to implement transformational change quickly and efficiently to drive better results.

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About WBL Solutions
At WBL Solutions Ltd, we have the scale and capability to help organisations truly transform learning and drive business success.